Sick guy

Since I posted on my other post. I thought. Why not post on the other one.

The whole month of December 2015 I was sick with the flu. I refused to see the doctor. (Some guys like me are like that – refusing to see the doctor). But by the third week I was not doing any better and gave up and went to see the doctor.

I must have been in bad shape. Or at least my vital signs and what I said made the doctors believe I was in bad shape. The was an immediate x-ray of my chest to see if I have developed pneumonia. I even had an EKG. And of course the blood tests.

Well, my lungs were clear. Whew. EKG reveal slight blockage to heart on the side (because I forgot) that at least have two pathways. So I okay on that. And my blood test came in okay. But I had to take another blood test again to make sure the test results were good. A pathologist had to look at it. Oh, I had to see a GI doctor because I had drastic weight loss. And I was prescribed an inhaler because I have a slight bronchitis.

I didn’t mind all the test and concerns of the doctors. What I mind was the constant coughing that never seem to go away before I saw the doctors. Morning, day, and night I was coughing. It was bad. I felt terrible.

I had hope that I would be over this in three weeks. But it didn’t happen. So in my case I guess the older I am the longer and harder to get well.

How am I now? I am not coughing constantly. 🙂 But feeling tired at times. So I can say “I’m good.”

Hope you can say that for yourself.


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