My First Three Great Bosses

There are no picture for this post. I read a blog about bosses this person cannot get along with. And that trigger in my mind “good” and “bad” bosses that I had while I was a young adult in the working world. I want to write about my first three bosses that were good bosses.

My very first boss was a kind boss. She worked from home. I was a teen needing money. She offered to give part of her work to me. And what I completed she would paid me. The job at home was typing documents. And it was easy to see how much I get paid because it was paid based on documents completed. It was an easy going relationship because she would have me in her home for a few hours while I used her electronic typewriter. She was very good to me. Even fed me dinner if I stayed too late. She was patient and soft spoken. She is still a friend today.

I did well enough that I got to earn money doing the same thing she did while I lived at home. They would lend me an electronic typewriter and deliver and pick up work to my home. This was one way I earned money for school. From this company I became their driver who actually delivered the work to the typists around the San Francisco area. It was steady pay. They were also good to me. They allow me to take their VW van home in the weekends so that I can come to work early Monday morning. It was morning work so that I ended up going to college in the late afternoon or night. I have no complaints with them.

My next job was with Pacific Bell as a clerk typist. She was also a great boss. I was the rookie of the typing pool. And when you are in a union shop they senior workers get to be the first ones to be considered for new test and projects. But my boss saw how well I did as a typist. I did well because the typewriters we used were not just plain electronic typewriters. No. These IBM typewriters with their “ball” that strike the paper can also record every single stroke that was touched on the keyboard. I was the most proficient and fastest typist because I knew how to correct my mistakes by quickly “typing” out the correct words and then manually type in the corrected words that were marked wrong.

So when there was a test project to see if the typing pool can use computers to type document. I was on of the two selected. Because of my efficiency she got the union to agree to use the most senior typist and the newest hired typist to work on this test project. She managed to get the union to agree to this arrangement. I am grateful for her because of the chance she took on me. Because of her she allow me to get into management. I will write about this in my other blog.

I hope that you have had and still do have good bosses that took care of you. Me. I am retired. But I do still have to work with people. 🙂


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