Can’t Fool Me (Sometimes)

Have you seen those stories that are posted where a couple is holding hands? The girl lets go of the guy’s hand. Some other girl comes walking, and he holds out his hand taking the hand of what he thinks is his girlfriend. I know most of these stories were staged.

When you are old like me, you don’t need anyone to try to fool you. This happened to me while I was on my date with Sylvia. Our date is going shopping for groceries. We were at the section where there are refrigerated milk and all kind of chilled beverages. We were looking for a particular product that was supposed to be free for us to sample. I wandered the display cases looking for this product. I could not locate it. I proceeded to move our cart to move on. Then my mind said where is Sylvia and why are there no items in your cart? A random cart was left in the aisle and I just absentmindedly started pushing it instead of our cart. Sylvia wondered what I was doing.

This reminded Sylvia of the time that she and my sister, Terri try a trick on me. Apparently, Sylvia let go of my hand and had my sister Terri take my hand. Sylvia said that I noticed it right away. Of course, I would see it right away. Doesn’t everyone know the touch of the wife’s hand? We got a good laugh on mistaken cart and hands.

As I was writing this blog. I noticed it was time to stop and prepared dinner. I have two pairs of glasses. One for driving and one for working on the computer. I saw that my driving glasses were on the table. I started looking for my computer glasses. Where is it? I could find it. I wanted to wear my computer glasses because I would be stir-frying. I didn’t want any oil to hit my eyes. I could not find my computer glasses!

Oh well, I thought, I’ll look for them later. For now, I’ll use my driving glasses. The driving glasses are really bifocal. So this pair can be used far or near activities. I pick up my driving glasses to put them on. And I realized that as I was putting them on, I am WEARING my computer glasses! Oiy!

I told Sylvia of this incident during dinner, and we had another good laugh together.

Good laugh together

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