After I arrived in America, I lived with my dad and mom in Mansfield, Ohio. Dad was in America working out the paperwork to get mom and me to enter the United States. When I arrived, I did not know a single English word. A couple of teachers looked kindly on my parents and tutored me to get me up to speed. We did not stay in Mansfield long. We may have stayed at least nine months because my sister Mae (Angie) was born. I was too young to know my time and calendar. I remember a little more when we moved to Shelby, Ohio. Dad had started a Chinese restaurant there while mom and I stayed home. Terri was born in Shelby.

My tutors were kind when I failed. I remember how proud I was when I learn to spell numbers in the 10 bases. So when I was asked to spell “40”, I confidently wrote: F-o-u-r-t-y! They patiently corrected me.

Not only did they tutor me but they took an interest in me. I remember getting a toy lantern that had three different color light inside. The lantern had three bulbs that were red, green and white. I remember ducking underneath my bed cover and playing with my little lamp.

My toy lantern

One tutor also took me to her farm one day. I remember two things from that visit. When we eat dinner. We had a lot of food to eat. The different kind of meats and vegetables. The two food that I remember was corn and mash potato.

I also got a big long scratch down inside my left arm. A cat scratched me. I didn’t know how to hold the cat, and it panicked an jumped out of my arms, leaving me a bloody red cut.


These tutors kept in touch with me through the mail until they both pass away while I was in my adult life.

Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Griffith, thank you for your help, care, and prayers.

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