Mansfield, Ohio

We lived on the 3rd floor of our apartment in Mansfield. We were living at a very convenient place for my dad. He worked for people he knew. He worked as a cook for them. And if my memory serves me right, just a block away from work. Right in front our apartment was a park. I remember discovering fireflies! I remember capturing them and putting them in a jar and getting artificial light from them. 

The most memorable “animal” was a bat. This is what I remember. Our apartment has a front entrance and a rear entrance. I was too young to ever to go down the rear entrance. It probably leads downstairs to the garbage cans and the yard. I was too scared to go down the back stairs because it was so dark in the stairways.

One night a bat flew into our apartment from the back stairs. I was scared. My dad must still be working. My mom was the hero for the day. She fearlessly took a broom and chased the bat. Running back and forward trying to knock down this pesky (probably as scared as I was) creature. Can you imagine my mom running up and down the long hallway chasing the bat?

Hero Mom

I was so scared that I don’t remember what happened after my mom got it. I think after many lucky whacks she managed to down the poor thing.

Thanks mom. Poor bat.

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